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This incredible Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser uses the newest technology so you can perfectly control it just by using an app! A great addition to your smart home that is powered intelligently and wifi compatible. Use it like a normal diffuser or download the companion app to control features like LED light, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling and more directly from your phone. Download SMART LIFE that is suitable for every smartphone and tablet for your convenience. The diffuser is compatible with Amazon Echo so it can operate with Alexa for easy use.


  • Intelligent Aromatherapy (Alexa & Google Home Compatible) –  Our smart diffuser is also Alexa and SMART LIFE compatible and can be used with echo/tap/dot to control simply by using your voice. You can then use your voice to conveniently control your smart diffuser including light, mist settings and other functions. 
  • Ultrasonic Vaporizer – Our smart diffuser works by creating 360° ultra sonic frequencies that instantly atomize water and oil molecules into the air.
  • Create Schedules – Scheduling is here! Our smart diffuser allows you to create regular schedules in the app so you can get your diffuser to work at your scheduled times each day or on certain days that you choose.
  •  – Use our included quickstart guides to connect to the app and then either to your existing Alexa or Google Home accounts. You can then use your voice to conveniently control your smart diffuser including colors, mist settings and other functions.

It also comes with a choice of 10ml ARMOR, DESKTOP, SUN RISE OR LULLABY Synergy.

Choice of Synergy

Armor synergy is created to protect us against the threat of seasonal illnesses. A great solution to purify and deodorise the air in your car and provide a clean-smelling car instantly. It presents a strong herbal aroma with a hint of citrus lemongrass scent that contains natural disinfecting and cleansing properties.

Desk Top synergy is one of the perfect oils to keep on your desk to boost productivity and mood. It is a miraculous hack to a multitude of problems you might face at work: whether it’s dealing with work-related anxiety, stress or lethargy, or on days you just simply feel uninspired. The powerful scents of Desktop can help you stay on target and remain focused throughout the day. Due to its highly decongestant property, it is helpful in unblocking and strengthening congested respiratory system

Lullaby synergy is s gentle song sung to send a baby to sleep. As the name suggests, this synergy was created to help you to sleep like a baby, a perfect way to end your day. It calms your mind and body for a quality night of deep sleep.

Sun Rise synergy has a sweet and sharp menthol-like scent that give you the stimulating drive you may need during the day when you start feeling tired and sluggish. A natural alternative, to sharpen your mind. Contains the 100% pure essential oils of Peppermint, Orange and Rosemary.

Venus synergy helps you to connect your emotional and physical sensuality into alignment, while soothing your mind, body and soul. It can create a serious spark to entice love, to instill love in an existing relationship, or open your heart to real connection, alleviating feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. It arouse a perfect mood to achieve that sexy and feel-good ambiance you want.

A box with
Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser
Power Adapter

Set 1
Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser
Power Adapter
10ml Armor, Sun Rise, OR Lullaby Synergy

Set 2
Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser
Power Adapter
5ml Venus, Sun Rise, AND Lullaby Synergy

3 months local supplier warranty from the date of purchase

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Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser, Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser with 10 ML Sun Rise Synergy, Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser with 10 ML Armor Synergy, Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser with 10 ML Lullaby Synergy, Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser with 10ML Desk Top Synergy, Smart WIFI Ultrasonic Diffuser with 3 x 5 ML (Sun Rise, Venus & Lullaby Synergies)


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